Advance Medical Directive

Advance Medical Directive (AMD)

1. What is an AMD?

An Advance Medical Directive is a legal document that you (‘applicant’) voluntarily sign in advance. It is to inform the doctor treating you that in the event you become terminally ill and unconscious, you do not want any extraordinary life-sustaining treatment to be used to prolong your life.

2. Who can make an AMD?

The AMD can be made by any person, aged 21 years and above, and of sound mental capacity.

3. What are the steps to be taken to make an AMD?

There are 3 steps:

  1. Obtain the AMD Form (available at Downloads)
  2. Consult a doctor with a witness. In brief, 2 witnesses are required i.e. a medical doctor and a witness who is at least 21 years old.
    1. Both witnesses must not have any vested interests in the applicant’s death (e.g. as beneficiaries in the applicant’s insurance policies)
    2. For any reason, a doctor may object to the AMD.
    3. The applicant can pre-fill in the details on Form 1. However, both witnesses must be present together to witness the applicant signing the AMD form.
  3. The completed form should be sent to the Registrar of Advance Medical Directives. We will arrange for the same.

4. How can an applicant revoke an AMD

An AMD can be revoked at any time in the presence of at least one witness. The person making the revocation should do so by completing Form 3 or alternatively, to send an official letter to the Registrar of Advance Medical Directives.

We are able to assist you to make or revoke an AMD. Email us at or use our online form to get in touch with us.