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Make a Will Online - Wills & Wills LLP

Make a Will Online

15 minutes. That's all we need to get the distribution of your estate in order. Our online form is designed to allow you to plan your affairs from the convenience of your handheld device.

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Deed Poll - Wills & Wills LLP

Deed Poll

People may decide to change their names for a variety of reasons. Whatever the case may be, Wills & Wills is here to assist you with our Deed Poll services.

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Lasting Power of Attorney - Wills & Wills LLP

Lasting Power of Attorney

Plan Ahead. Anybody who is at least 21 years of age with mental capacity should consider making an LPA to protect their interest should they lose their mental capacity in the future.

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Advance Medical Directive - Wills & Wills LLP

Advance Medical Directive

Decide Now. An Advance Medical Directive informs the doctor treating you that in the event you become terminally ill and unconscious, you do not want any extraordinary life-sustaining treatment to be used to prolong your life.

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