Deed Poll Singapore

Legally change your name with a Deed Poll

People may decide to change their names for a variety of reasons. For some, it may be to include an English name that you are commonly known as. For others, it may be for some auspicious reasons. Whatever the case may be, we are here to assist.

  1. Please fill in the form below.
  2. On submission of the form, you will be directed to PayPal to make a secure payment for the amount of S$100.00. If you do not have Paypal, payment may also be made using credit cards.
  3. We will then contact you to collect your Deed Poll. With your Deed Poll, you may then approach ICA to officially change your NRIC and Passport.
  4. If you wish to do your Will, please note that your Deed Poll and change of NRIC have to be done before executing your Will.